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Oveis Rezvanian

Having bachelors and masters in both Engineering and Law, Oveis specialized his doctoral studies in dispute resolution in construction industry. In particular, Oveis is an expert in ADR solutions commonly used in complex commercial and construction disputes, namely arbitration, adjudication, mediation and DRB. In addition, he is well familiar with different standard forms of construction contracts, such as FIDIC and ICE. For the recent years, Oveis has been regularly involved in dispute resolution proceedings of commercial and construction cases in national and global level.

Oveis has a PhD in International Law from the University of Geneva and an LLM in International Commercial Arbitration Law from the Stockholm University. In addition to a bachelor of Law, he also holds a bachelor of Industrial Engineering and a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from the Iran University of Science and Technology.

Oveis is a member of Iran Central Bar Association (Attorney-at-Law), an Assistant Professor of Arbitration Law at the Institute for Management and Planning Studies (IMPS), and a Member of the Court of Arbitration at the Arbitration Center of Iran Chamber of Commerce (ACIC). Moreover, he has served in several domestic and international arbitration cases, either as counsel or arbitrator. Oveis is also regularly invited to speak and offer workshops in the fields of international commercial arbitration and Construction dispute resolution.

In November 2014, Oveis Rezvanian was appointed as the Director of Tehran Regional Arbitration Center (TRAC), which is an independent international organization under the auspice of the Asian-African Legal Consultative Organization (AALCO).

Oveis is available to accept appointments as an arbitrator or mediator.

Education and Degrees


  • PhD in International Law, 2013 (University of Geneva)

  • LLM in International Commercial Arbitration Law, 2009 (Stockholm University)

  • Bachelor of Laws, 2008 (PNU)

  • Master of Business Administration, 2007 (IUST)

  • Bachelor of Industrial Engineering, 2004 (IUST)



  • Iran Central Bar Association (Attorney-at-Law)

  • Court of Arbitration, Arbitration Center of Iran Chamber of Commerce (ACIC)

  • Swiss Arbitration Association (ASA)

  • International Council for Commercial Arbitration (ICCA)

  • Young ICCA


  • ICAL Alumni

Professional experience


  • Advisor on construction, sale, oil & gas, construction, M&A and general commercial disputes

  • Advisor on drafting and preparation of commercial and construction contracts

  • Advisor on different ADR solutions in construction and commercial disputes

Arbitration experience


  • Frequently appointed as Chairman, sole arbitrator and co-arbitrator in institutional and ad hoc arbitration proceedings

  • Counsel in arbitration proceedings under the Rules of ICC, ACIC, TRAC, Swiss Rules of International Arbitration and ad hoc (including UNCITRAL)

Selected publications


  • “Evaluative Study of Construction ADR Methods and Attitudes of Professionals”, International Construction Law Review, Volume 31, Part 4, October 2014 issue

  • “Relation of ADR and arbitration in resolution of construction disputes”, PhD thesis, Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies, December 2013

  • “Formulation of a stochastic model for the length of business negotiations in EPC contracts and testing its validity; Case study in petrochemical industry”, M.S. thesis, Iran University of Science & Technology, First annual International Conference on Business and Economics, American College of Thessaloniki, Greece, May 2010

  • “A comparative study of Adjudication and Arbitration in Construction Disputes (Construction Contracts Act 2002 vs. UNCITRAL Model Law 1985)”, M.S. thesis, Stockholm University, 2009

  • “A comparative study in Claim Management in FIDIC contracts”, 4th International Project Management Conference, Tehran, Iran, August 2008


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